In Praise of Nerf Herder

iTunes just serendipitously shuffled to "Nosering Girl" by Nerf Herder, my favorite song from one of my most favorite bands from high school. Such a great song and great lyrics:
Yeah she had pretty hair and beautiful eyes.
and a dalmatian jacket...a dalmatian jacket.
And she was the kind of girl who you would give up eating meat for,
No more salami, no more steak or potatoes.
Yeah you would walk on down to the health food store
And buy hummus, and tabouli, and baba ghannouj, and
Ricecakes ricecakes ricecakes!

Nosering girl! I love you!

My high school band, The OHT, could pull off a pretty hot cover of "Nosering Girl" and "Annalee" - another great Nerf Herder song. Jacob - who sang lead on "Nosering" - always cleverly altered the lyrics to say:
As it turns out, she was the cousin of the ex-girlfriend of my good friend Eric, my very good friend Eric.

"Eric" instead of "Steve"! Lyrics and phrasing be damned!  Yes - We. Were. Awesome.

Though "Van Halen" was Nerf Herder's most "popular" and probably their best song, we never covered it because I wasn't good enough to pull off the two-hand tap guitar solo at the end.