Valient Himself

It isn't everyday that the lead singer of your favorite band walks into the bar and says "hi". 

Kelly and I went out to the Reservoir in Carrboro last night to celebrate my friend Chris' 30th birthday.  After we'd been there for a bit, 3/5 of my favorite rock band - Chapel Hill-based Valient Thorr - walked into the joint.  Of course - both Chris and I recognized them immediately and, of course, we both started giggling with excitement.

Lead singer Valient Himself walked by and I greeted him.  And he reminded me that I owe him an email.  I had previously contacted him to commission an ink portrait, which was admittedly just a mechanism to get to meet him and hang out.  Pretty cool that he remembered/recognized me.

We caught up at the bar shortly thereafter.  Talked about how being the lead singer of an upstart (for 7+ years) rock band is kinda like being the CEO of a start-up.  (Ha!)  And discussed the importance of being your own man...and openly telling critics, detractors, etc. to eat sh!t - both literally (in his case) and metaphorically (probably more appropriate in my case).  And we talked about their new record that should release later this year...and how it is less metal, more funk.

Best of all?  Completely nice guy - friendly, appreciative, funny, and absolutely rock & roll.  And it was his birthday, too.

Valient Thorr is touring with Mastodon, Between The Buried And Me, and Barroness.  You should see them.  I'm going to the Raleigh show on April 17.  And I'm wearing my Thorrior armor.

You should buy their record Immortalizer.  You'll be glad you did.  I've been obsessed since the day I bought it.

You better live your life.
This ain't no practice round.
Don't stumbe off the path.
Cause it's a long way down.