Evan Boggs Report To The Press Box

My dad is the first-year PA announcer for my high school alma mater, the North Gaston Wildcats.

I was lucky enough to be in town for one of his games last week. I spent the game in the press box helping him spot plays and second guess the coaches, players, officials, etc. It was just like it was a Sunday afternoon and we were watching the Packers - all the way down to the Favre-esque interceptions, the arm tackling on defense, and the heinous margin of defeat.

I took a few quick videos over the course of the night:

Evan Boggs, report to the press box. We were testing the equipment and my brother Evan would not cooperate with my father's request that he step out into the stands for a volume check. Dad zinged him good.

Caleb Tidwell. This is how it went most of the night. Lots of looking around confused, trying to figure out who actually made the tackle, assessing down and distance, and then making the call.

Dominque Carter. I thought this was a pretty good call from Dad.

The other guys in the video are Dad's friend Ronnie Hudson and Dad's cousin Mark Hovis. They've had a great time calling the games all season.