Happy Halloween, Ya'll

Kelly and I hosted friends last night for "A Gaston County Halloween". Good times.

My handlebar mustache was awesome. Kelly's "Shawna Robinson" racecar shirt was awesomer.

The morning after I shaved my mustache, Kelly woke me up to say "Eric, can you run out to the Wal Marts to get milk for the babies and 50lb bag of dog food."

Hilarious because her delivery was impeccable and because she described a seriously redneck trip to Wal Mart.

(*Note - we have neither a dog nor a child.)

Andrew dressed as your's truly. Kelly let him borrow my high school basketball practice jersey. Gabby dressed like Kris Lang - former UNC basketball player and Kelly's 1st kiss, as Gabby's tat so eloquently reminds us. Highest of high comedy.