The Boggs Blog Gift Guide for Guys

Having problems deciding on a Christmas gift for a guy? Does your dad, husband, brother, uncle, etc. already have everything? Tired of giving Home Depot gift certificates?

Look no further! The Boggs Blog is happy to present 8 can't-miss gifts for guys.

(Note to family members that read my blog, I will neither confirm nor deny that this is my Christmas wishlist.)

Band of Brothers on DVD. I can't say enough about this series or the book that it is based on. The story of Easy Company of the 101st Airborne Division from boot camp to VE Day is one of inspiration and, you guessed it, brotherhood. Great gift for WWII buffs and film fanatics.

Argyle Socks. You can't go wrong with argyle. Fashionable guys will appreciate the gesture. People like my brother will think they're funny...but will secretly enjoy them, too. Everyone likes a snappy pair of socks. I suggest J. Crew and bold colors.

Childhood Books as Journals. Nifty journals fashioned out of bargain bin books. Browse through the options - I promise you'll find a childhood favorite. (I would probably choose between "Charlie Brown Goes Fishing" and "The Tawny Scrawny Lion".)

World Of Warcraft Character. Why spend hours on end building your own WoW character when you can just buy a level 60 from some 13 year old Japanese kid on eBay? Your loved ones can spend the holidays warming by the fires of the villages they torch and pillage in Warcraft.

Dickies Cover-alls. A perfect gift to bring out the blue-collar in us all. My mom gave me a pair, complete with scripted "Eric" nametag, a few Christmases ago. One of the funniest presents I've ever opened.

Gram Parsons Music. I suggest "Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels", but you can't go wrong when it comes to GP. I'm convinced that everyone would do well to have a little more honky tonk music in their life.

A Sledgehammer. You never know when you'll need to knock out a wall, drive home some steel on down the railroad line, or pulverize a faulty printer in a vacant field. An axe would be an appropriate substitute.

Anything from Pick your husband/dad/brother's favorite childhood sports hero and buy their jersey from Mitchell & Ness. I suggest a Larry Bird, a Ray Nitschke, or a Jordan-era Bulls warm-up.