Sunken Treasure

My friend Chris let me borrow "Sunken Treasure" - the new concert DVD from Jeff Tweedy, lead singer of Wilco for those of you that are (so unfortunately) out of the loop.

I give it my utmost recommendation. The music is excellent, as you would expect from the greatest living songwriter not named Bob Dylan. However, it is the charming stage banter that makes the film so enjoyable. Jeff Tweedy carries a reputation for being chatty on stage - albeit a little petulant and whiney - and this film more than confirms it. Frankly, I love the guy for it. As I've said before, I know of no other artist with such on-stage banter prowess.

Two of my favorite nuggets:

Idiot fan - "(something stupid) tequila!"
Jeff Tweedy - "I don't drink. It was in the papers, perhaps you read about it."  (Playfully referencing his much-publicized bout with addiction.)

Jeff Tweedy - <whistling the intro to "The Ruling Class">
Idiot fan - "That is so awesome!"
Jeff Tweedy - "Yes. It is."

Strangely, the end credits were my favorite part of the film. It ends with a beautiful first-person shot of a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge at night backed by one of Wilco/Billy Bragg's best songs, "California Stars".

All in all, 5+ stars.