Statement of Purpose

This marks the 4th time I've started a blog.

The first two were "personal" blogs recounting my taste in music, somewhat amusing anecdotes from high school and college, and such. While amusing to my college friends and to me, these blogs served no greater purpose, other than to give me a forum to pontificate on the finer points my high school love life (or lack thereof).

The third blog is still going strong, but really isn't a blog, per se. The Bronto Blog outlines email marketing best practices, case studies, and product news for Bronto Software, Inc. - the company I work for. While this "blog" is interesting and helps our customers, the lack of comments, trackbacks, and other blog amusements combine with oppressive editorial oversight from "the man" to keep the spontaneity and overall blog-iness to a minimum.

Thus, dear reader, I am proud to present