Participatory Democracy

I participated in democracy today - right after I read this over my bowl of Cheerios this morning.

I usually read articles about asinine political posturing, make a few jokes about it to Kelly or whoever is around, and then forget about it. However, the concept of a $100 gas rebate check really frosted me.

(Without going into too much detail, let's just say that I'm mystified that a $100 rebate check is the pinnacle of good ideas...that someone actually thought of the idea...and that a group of politicians actually consider it a step towards a solution.)

So I picked up my cell phone and called Elizabeth Dole - one of the US Senators from North Carolina. Naturally - no one answered.

I left a pretty long voicemail - one of those voicemails you get where you start to fast forward and you're amazed at how much you have to fast forward to get to the end. I didn't really say anything profound other than my name, phone number, where I'm from, and that I think the whole idea is a joke.

I don't expect the Republican party to get their act together to the point that they'll actually pass the legislation. Nor do I expect a call back from Libby Dole.

But it sure felt good to rant on her office voicemail.