We Are All Witnesses, Part II

My previous post about Lebron's playoff coming out party has generated humorous amounts of traffic on my blog. Here are the search terms that dropped folks at The Boggs Blog yesterday:

"We are all witnesses"
"We are all witnesses Lebron shirt"
"email marketing provider"
"We are all witnesses Lebron"
"We are all witnesses shirt"

I'm on Google's first page. HA!

Thus...on with the Lebron analysis and search engine spam!

Some thoughts about his playoff performance vs. the Pistons:

- He has NO supporting cast. Donyell Marshall? Ilgauskus? Give me a break. Give Bron Bron a veteran backcourt mate and go-to low-post scorer and he will dominate for a long time...

- He's not the next Michael Jordan. He's different. (I would say he's more like Magic, but everybody says he's more like Magic.) Michael was a spit-in-your-eye competitor that simply would not be denied. I don't know that Lebron has that quality - despite his late game heroics against the Wizards.

- Tyler is going to eat Lebron's lunch when he joins the Association in 2007.

Thanks for reading my blog. Visit again for more basketball banter.

Sorry I don't have the t-shirts you're looking for.