Drive-By Truckers Week!!!

The Drive-By Truckers bring their sweet sweet Southern sound to the 'Ham next Friday night. To properly observe the event, I hereby declare the next week to be "DBT Week" at the Boggs Blog.

The commemoration will feature articles that describe the greatness of the Truckers in excruciating detail and essays that will explore the cultural context of their music and the origins of my fan-dom, all in anticipation of their September 29 blowout at the Carolina Theater.

Tune in for such scholarly works as:

  • The Lyrical Wisdom of Mike Cooley

  • Why "Outfit" May Be the Greatest Song Ever Written

  • The Cultural Implications of "Southern Rock Opera"

  • Critical Analysis - Why Do I Like This Band So Much?

  • A Review of the September 29 Concert

  • And More!

It's going to a Southern rock extravaganza!

You think I'm dumb, maybe not too bright.
You wonder how, I sleep at night.
Proud of the Glory, stare down the Shame.
Duality of the Southern thing.

- The Southern Thing - DBT