Serpents Win Debut

My 7/8 year old basketball team - the Orange Serpents, as named by my kids - tipped off our season today at noon.

Prior to the game, I was a little nervous. We've only had two practices and I was pretty sure that my kids had not absorbed a single word I said during either one. I only had time to teach the two-line lay-up drill and a defense that somewhat resembles a 2-3 zone. Needless to say, I was prepared for an afternoon of complete chaos.

After the game, I'm wondering if I have the greatest 7/8 year old basketball team ever assembled. We won the game 30-16 easily and would have won by much more had I not called off the dogs in the 4th quarter. Our best perimeter players, Austin and Xavier, made seemingly every shot they took and Liam, our big man and best passer, grabbed every rebound and loose ball within his reach. My players stood exactly where they were supposed to stand on defense, shared the ball on offense, and even pointed to "thank" the passer after a made basket on a few occasions.

I couldn't believe how hard my kids played, nor could I believe how they absorbed the little nuggets I had taught them during our two practices. Given their willingness to listen, I'm confident that we'll be running the jump trap and picket fence by season's end.