Eric = (1/8)*MBA

I just turned in my last final for Mod I, which means I'm 1/8 of the way through the MBA party. Right now, I'm too tired to discern whether I find the milestone exciting or depressing or terrifying or what.

Finals week got off to a bad start. I ate a bad chicken wrap for lunch last Friday, so I spent the entirety of my reading day sick as a dog. I managed to catch up on my studies on Saturday and Sunday, but didn't really prepare as well as I would have liked.

Fortunately, 2 exams (Accounting and Leading & Managing) were pretty easy and 2 others (Finance and Statistics) were more challenging, but pretty straightforward. The Microeconomics exam I finished today was a near-disaster, just as I - and everyone else - figured that it would be. (I'll spare you the long story to say instead that Micro hasn't gone well for anyone at KFBS this year - students or faculty.)

More to ride/wife is here. :-)