Sweet, Sweet Victory

The KFBS first year flag football squad pulled off a serious upset tonight with our 14-7 victory over the The Basement. We played this (all undergrad) team earlier in the year and they lit us up for 38 points. So it was nice to have a little "get back" on them.

Jon Yee - our speedy WR and DB was the hero of the game. He broke up a pass in the end zone, hauled in a tipped pass to score a PAT, and made a key late game interception.

Your's truly rumbled for an improbable pick-six that began with an easy interception, had a few Reggie Bush-esque (ha!) hesitation moves and missed tackles, and ended with an excessive celebration penalty after Ben hoisted me over his shoulder and started singing an indecipherable fight song. My touchdown proved to be the difference in the game. Good times.

Unfortunately, I later blew a gimme interception that would have iced the game. It hit me right in the hands and, for whatever reason, it didn't stick. Had he seen it, my father would have been completely disappointed. He's the original thinker behind the "if it hits your hands, you should catch it" philosophy and thus maintains a pretty high standard for balls that should be caught. Even Kelly called me out on it.

As a consequence of a botched punt and, a couple plays later, my aforementioned botched pick, the game came down to a 4th and goal for the other team. I managed to get my hands on this pass as well, but could only tip it up instead of catch it or kill it. Someone for the other team caught the tipped ball, but it popped out when he hit the ground right behind me. Such an exciting finish!

Their quarterback's mini meltdown at the end of the game only added to our satisfaction. As if the accusatory "BLOCK HIM!!!" he screamed to his lineman after Matt sacked him on 2nd and goal at the end of the game wasn't enough, he walked off the field when the game ended and blurted a hilariously petulant growl/yell to voice his frustration.

Heh. Stupid undergrads.