Please Don't Call On Me...

I just sat through my Operations class REALLY hoping that the professor didn't call on me. I read the case for the day and had a general opinion on the problem, but I definitely was not prepared to bring my "A" game. (Or probably my "C+" game either.)

My excuses:

- This was the first time I haven't been mostly prepared for class. Honest.
- I spent 11 hours at school yesterday working on extra-curricular jive.
- Game 4 of the World Series > Executive Shirt Company, Inc.

As I fired a barrage of mind bullets at my professor - which appears to have effectively jammed his cold call radar - I realized that I was enduring (what I suspect to be) a quintessential MBA experience...and that there were probably numerous others in my section doing the same thing.

Had he called on me, I guess I would have done what the other less fortunate and less-than-prepared victims did:

- Confidently state an opinion.
- State that my calculations were different than his.
- Mumble unintelligibly and fumble around with pieces of paper at my seat until he realizes I'm about to say something stupid and moves on to someone else.
- Do my homework for the next class.