3 Game Changers

Three game-changers hit the street over the past week or so. I can't sleep, so I figured I'd drop a few thoughts on each.

OpenSocial doesn't pose any threat to Facebook, but it does pose a threat to users, such as myself, that have a low tolerance for stupid, pointless online apps. (Does this mean that I'll be able to play Pirates vs. Ninjas in LinkedIn?)

It might pose a threat if someone develops a seriously innovative app outside of the Facebook ecosystem...but I simply don't see that happening.

Also - it's interesting to see SalesForce.com - the original SAAS platform player - on the list and funny to see MySpace adopt the idea shortly after they announced plans to launch their own platform initiative. Those guys (MyS) were really lucky to be first to the party...

Google's Android is positively genius...and a cool product name. Assuming the platform gets traction with phone providers - which it seems to already be happening - Google will have simultaneously opened and optimized a new market for their ads and, more importantly, found LOTS more eyes to see them.

I suspect that Durham-darling Motricity is less-than-thrilled by the announcement.

Facebook Ads officially launched. Per a previous post, I've already given this a look - I guess during a beta launch period when it was "Flyers Pro". As far as I can tell, Facebook Ads looks like Flyers Pro with a new UI, contextual placements with user photos, and WAY better analytics and campaign mgmt. Which I guess is to say that it really isn't anything like Flyers Pro at all.

It's funny that the whole concept is simply an inversion of Yahoo's old school directory. Instead of users browsing a content directory, marketers can target content to a directory of users.

The next big opportunity here will be an application that pulls ad campaign data out of Facebook and into Google Analytics or other online marketing automation tools.