NOGA Wins, Worlds Collide

North Gaston High School, my alma mater, defeated Asheville to earn a bid in the NC high school football championship game.  My dad called me after the game - it evidently came down to a very exciting last play in which the Wildcats held the Asheville Whatevers on a 2 point conversion.  Go NOGA!

It's funny that we won because North Gaston football has been atrocious for as long as I can remember.  When I was a kid, my friend Kenneth and I pal'ed around during games and laughed about how badly the Wildcats were getting stomped...that is when we weren't playing pick-up football in the open space by the home stands.  I guess things change when a team has a player like AJ Blue - North Gaston's star QB that has scholarship offers from UNC and Illinois.

It's even funnier that we won because all of Dallas, North Carolina will pack up to make the trip up to Chapel Hill for the championship game next weekend.  Much of my Saturday will be spent at KFBS for the VCIC, but I really hope that I can at least see part of the game.  I suspect that it will be pretty fun to catch up with old hometown acquaintances in my new hometown.