At The Threshold Of Hell

I have 4 finals coming up this week.  (We took our (hilariously easy) Marketing final on Friday.)

I spent most of yesterday and will spend all of today and much of the week studying.  However, I learned a few lessons from Mod I finals that I have already started to apply to this round of finals:

- Don't weight study time equally. Instead of breaking my neck to exhaustively prepare for all 4 exams, I'm going to focus on prepping for Finance and Strategy. Of the remaining exams, I know these 2 courses the best and therefore think that I have a very strong chance at landing an "H".

I'll still study for Macroeconomics and Operations - just nothing beyond reading through my notes and getting reacquainted with the concepts and formulas.

- Grades do/don't matter. It is worth noting that I could choose to spend the next 5 days doing absolutely nothing and still get a very comfortable "P" in every course. Yet - I'm going to study pretty hard.

Why? Two reasons:

1.) I'm a (Little Lebowski Urban) achiever, thus have an unquenchable compulsion to achieve.
2.) I just know that some recruiter is going to ask me about my grades at some point.

Does getting an "H" mean that I "learned more"? Maybe, maybe not. It probably just means that I did well on the homework, said a few smart things in class, studied for the final, and then brought the heat come game time.

- It is never as bad as it seems. Despite the "threshold of hell" title, Time seems to move pretty quickly when I'm studying. Plus, I'm on an abbreviated schedule compared to last mod. This time around, I'll be more or less done Wednesday at 9PM when I go to the Carolina basketball game. After the game, I'll go to sleep, wake up, take an Operations exam, and then get Christmasy!

Back to it for now.