Positioning Strategy

I had a couple internship interviews this week. Surprisingly, the fact that I've listed "ericboggs.com" on my resume only came up once. Even more surprisingly, I was caught a little off-guard when it did and the interviewer asked "Why do you write a blog?" and "What do you write about?"

I eventually put forth adequate answers - "because I love to write" and "whatever comes to mind - usually technology or whatever MBA silliness I enjoyed during the week."

This morning, however, I put some thought into the questions and came up with this:

Boggs Blog Venn Diagram

So I guess that is the positioning strategy for The Boggs Blog...or maybe it's just a venn diagram that illustrates 3 blogs I enjoy and a overly self-congratulatory categorization of their intersection. (I really wanted to make a venn diagram...)

If you don't read Fred Wilson (VC, technology, music), The Sneeze (humor, silliness), and Basketbawful (NBA hoops, humor), you should give them a look.