Kenan-Flagler Loves the Boggs Blog

Folks - Boggs Blog Fever is sweeping the nation. For example, consider this (roughly transcribed) conversation that I had with Sarah - whom I'm never met - tonight at the Kenan-Flagler Experience Weekend:

Eric - Hi. I'm Eric.

Sarah - Hi. I'm Sarah.

Eric - Nice to meet you. (Pleasantries, etc.)

Sarah - Umm. You might think this is strange, but I've read your blog.

Eric - (Uncontrollable laughter.) How did you find my blog?

Sarah - I Googled "Kenan-Flagler gay" because I was trying to get a sense of Kenan-Flagler's reputation as a gay-friendly school. You had just written a post about that NBA basketball player a day or two after you had written a post about being accepted at Kenan-Flagler. So I guess it made sense that it showed up in my search results.

Eric - (More uncontrollable laughter, followed by a 10 minute soliloquy on the virtues of blogging, the Long Tail, the Kenny George situation, and internet marketing - all of which was largely ignored by those around me.)

I'll post more about Experience Weekend tomorrow.