Behind the Scenes at Bronto

As many of my loyal readers know, I only have a couple weeks left at Bronto Software before I embark upon The Summer of Eric (more on this later) and then 2 years of business school at UNC Kenan-Flagler.

Considering my impending departure and my distinguished tenure with the company, the next few weeks at the Boggs Blog will carry a "Behind the Scenes at Bronto" theme. I'll reflect on some of the memorable moments and people from Bronto days past and, if the mood strikes, perhaps convey a portion of the immense admiration and gratitude I have for the company and the people with which I work.

For now, on with the comedy.


At Bronto, we fancy ourselves as a company with a soul. (The fact that we're named after a dinosaur should make it pretty obvious that we're not your typical software company.)

Our website showcases our quirkiness. For example, the copy on our site includes the following gems:
We ensure that the infrastructure remains incredibly secure (think Superman “Fortress of Solitude” secure) and performs at expected levels.

The Bronto team members are some of the finest individuals around (at least we think so). We're each like a snowflake - unique and beautiful. But when we marshal our efforts, we transform into an email marketing juggernaut the likes of which the world has never seen. However, we put our pants on just like everyone else - one leg at a time. Except, once our pants are on, we make and support the best email marketing software out there.

In particular, we take great pride in our employee bios on the web site, all of which are penned by Boggs Blog patron and UNC PhD candidate Ben Rogerson.

Here is a bio that Ben wrote for former Bronto Jon Norris:
Jon Norris
Web Designer

Jon Norris handles Bronto's custom template design program, designs
instructive demos for clients, and shares his wisdom on all things email
marketing design. Prior to joining the Bronto team, Jon worked as a web designer for Dialog. Jon received his BA in Spanish from Mississippi College.

Throughout the mid 1990s, Jon smuggled medical supplies, appliances, and used clothing south of the border to help churches, orphanages, and dental clinics. Considering his dashing good looks and devil-may-care attitude, "Che" Norris does not for one second regret his subversive past. He harnesses this same zestful iconoclasm to design outstanding email marketing messages.

And here is an honest-to-goodness, absolutely true, and absolutely hilarious email we received from a customer regarding Jon's bio:
Subject: Who is he? John Norris?

Dear Danielle,

This is confidential!!!

NO Disrespect, but, this man sounds
like a CRIMINAL from the description
you provide on line..

If his major is in SPANISH, that explains alot of why the new Website is so backwards.

What are you all thinking? Is this BRONTO's idea of Humor?

THis is my business...this is not a game.

Please pass my message on discretely.


More comedy from Bronto (and my old emails) coming soon...