Home Again

I'm back from 3 weeks in China - the land of screeching brakes, oppressive heat, staring people, dirty streets, deranged taxi drivers, $3 feasts, over-zealous street hawkers, sprawling modernity, ubiquitous poverty, and other varied cultural expressions the likes of which I've never seen.

Oh yeah, and there's the Great Wall and some other stuff, too.

Unfortunately, the People's Internet would not allow reliable access to Wordpress.com, so I (obviously) could not update my blog while I was away. Thus, we've got a lot of catching up to do here at The Boggs Blog, including:

- Long overdue recaps from my and Kelly's travels through Italy, by far the highlight of my summer.
- Posts from my travels through China, which will most likely be excerpts from my journal.
- Thoughts on my impending matriculation to Kenan-Flagler.
- Catching up on the usual meaningless tripe that I somehow allow myself to publish here.

More on the way soon.