The Tree Brains

I just ordered my Tree Brains t-shirt from

Who/what are The Tree Brains?
The Tree Brains are an imaginary band that anyone can be a part of. No musical ability is required to join. The band will never play anywhere because it only exists in theory. There is no initiation into the band. If you want to be in it, you're in it. You may lay claim to any instrument or job in the band you would like. The style of music The Tree Brains are known for is "Theoretical Rock."

Here's the real (and hilarious) story behind the band.  In addition to playing spoons for the band, I'm also the group's Executive Rock Theorist, Southern Culture Liaison, and CEO for The Tree Brains Foundation, our philanthropic arm.

I can't wait to rock my new shirt.  If you don't read The Sneeze, you should.