New Weakerthans

The new Weakerthans album Reunion Tour released today. I haven't listened to it enough to have an insightful opinion, but I have listened enough to appreciate the following:

- The swirling, phased keyboard effect that intros the first track is tastefully angular, very Rush, and, thus, very Canadian!

- The record offers up another song from Virtue the Cat. How many other rock bands out there write (great!) songs with lyrics sung from the perspective of someone's pet?

- John Samson continues to supply smart, erudite, creatively-phrased lyrical narratives. Too bad one is misspent in the boring banjo/spoken-word number Elegy For Gump Worsley.

- I'm not sure that I will be able to enjoy the song entitled Relative Surplus Value.  It sounds too much like something I should be learning in my microeconomics class...

The last Weakerthans album, Reconstruction Site, stayed in our car's changer for over two years. (Not kidding - Kelly really likes the song about the cat.)

Here's hoping that Reunion Tour is just as good. Can't wait to start soaking it in.