Integrative Exercise = Hot Mess

Kenan-Flagler welcomed its students back from Holiday Break with an "integrative exercise". Basically, the program gives us a massively complicated, completely ambiguous, and utterly painful problem that "integrates" all of our learnin' and then gives us ~36 hours to solve and present it.

Usually - I like this stuff. This, however, has been a complete pain. My team and I are all sluggish from the long break and certainly not in top form. Plus, the crux of this problem is an equity valuation, which admittedly isn't my cup of tea. To make matters worse, no one on my team has a finance background - whereas other teams have guys that did this kind of stuff for a living before they came back to school.

Our case requires us to find a share price for Harley-Davidson. That's it. Just one number. Said number requires a lot of legwork and insightful assumptions, but, at the end of the day, it is still just the result of lots of math which, when worked carefully, isn't very difficult.

By this afternoon, we got to a number. Unfortunately, said number was $1.02.

(Harley closed today at $41.23.)

Deepak and I are at school now hoping to get to something more reasonable before it gets too late. Ugh.