Barack Obama Killed The Daily Show

Count me among the many Americans that voted for Barack Obama and that found relief/hope/inspiration with his election.

However, despite all of the good things that I believe Obama represents and all of the good things I believe he will do for our country, I've got to admit that I'm a little worried about his impact on "The Daily Show".

I say the program's golden era is over.  Can Jon Stewart be consistenly funny without George W. Bush?  Without Dick Cheney?  Will the studio audience full of leftward leaning nerds laugh at Barack Obama jokes the same way that they laughed at George W. Bush jokes?  I say no to all three.

I suspect that the show will go the way of the The Simpons and South Park - it will still be marginally funny...just not nearly as as it once was.  Hope I'm wrong...

My prediction?  Stephen Colbert becomes the new Comedy Central golden boy...that is if he hasn't already.