An Increasingly Dominant Player

From Ballmer's email to the Microsoft troops regarding the Yahoo! offer:
Together, we’ll create a company that is in a much better position to compete against an increasingly dominant player in this market.

I guess it doesn't get any clearer than that.

This is a questionable, but reasonable, move for Microsoft in my opinion. They've had a hard time turning the corner in their effort to become a seriously player in the online advertising and Internet software space and will make significant progress if they can successfully integrate Yahoo! into their operation. The price tag is awfully high, but, then again, MS has more money than Jesus.

For Yahoo!, they better jump at the offer. No one else is going to put up this kind of cash at such an inflated valuation for a sinking ship.  Taking the offer might not be in the best interest of the Internet community as a whole, but it gives Yahoo! a much needed 2nd lease on life...

Having said all of that, I (dipped into my student loan and) bought more GOOG after the recent correction and will probably buy again if the share price keeps dipping. Google is already working on the next big thing(s) (mobile devices, social web, wireless) while MS/Yahoo is just trying to keep up.