I recently picked up some part-time work with - a Durham-based start-up aiming to become "Netflix for receipts".

The idea is a smart one:

I like the company for several reasons, the chief of which is its simple solution to an otherwise painful problem.  Until now, receipt solutions have ranged from expensive desktop receipt scanners (that require tons of time and effort to operate) to paying someone else to deal with the receipt mess to doing nothing at all.

Shoeboxed simplifies things by doing all of the scanning dirty work and giving you the tools you need to organize your receipts online - all through the power of your friendly neighborhood mailman and the Internets.

The company has quite a few customers now and I think that we'll find lots more love from traveling salespeople that need help organizing receipts for expense report, accountants that need help managing client receipts, and small businesses that need help separating business and personal expenses.

...and also from OCD "receipt people" that keep every receipt they've ever acquired.  (These are our favorite customers.)

Give the service a look and let me know what you think.  If you're interested in giving it a go, I'll make sure you get a great price.