Google Chrome

My obligatory chime on Google Chrome will be brief because it isn't available for Mac OS yet.

Thus far, my insight comes from my bevy of super-internet-friends on Twitter (those that I follow, but don't actually know personally) who assure me that it is REALLY fast and can handle heavy web-apps with ease.

I can't imagine that it will be anything less that successful...eventually.  Considering its success with web apps - and its steaming piles of cash - it makes perfect sense that Google forward integrate its business to include the delivery mechanism.  Will be interesting to see if/how this pays off in the long run considering the price Google has paid to get into the browser game.

I suspect that I'll be hesitant to make the switch for a while, at least until I can replicate the browsing experience I'm able to create with my assortment of Firefox extensions.

On a related note, check out the search phrase in one of the Chrome tutorials:


Too bad they misspelled "Tar Heel".