Family Christmas Card

Kelly and I upgraded to a "family photo" style Christmas card this year:

Michael Brooks took the photo, I did the design in Gimp. 

(Sorry if you didn't get one.)

This wasn't the first Christmas card I've designed.  In 2001, my college roomates John, Lee, and I staged a photo shoot in our dorm - 210 Old West.  Afterwards, we conceived a design theme, found the requisite clipart online, and published the deeply symbolic masterpiece you'll see below.

We emailed the image to every address we could find - including Chancellor James Moeser, Coach Matt Doherty, numerous listservs, etc.  As you might imagine, many people loved/hated it.

Our's was a fairly eclectic living space.  If you can't tell, the items in the picture are (from left):

  • a banjo
  • a styrofoam cooler
  • (behind the cooler) fish tank with dead fish
  • potted plant
  • bag of Utz
  • SunMaid raisins
  • Tofu
  • 8 of Ben Rogerson's Dr Pepper cans
  • empty bowl with spoon
  • Cha Cha Chili instant soup (under the bowl)
  • empty burlap sack
  • Let's Go Europe
  • Jiffy cornbread
  • a ficus

Photo credit - Ben Rogerson