Sorry Charlie

My latest musical project - big rock cover band "Sorry Charlie" - is playing at The Library on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill on Friday, Feb 20 at 9PM.

If you're reading this, you should come out:

Sorry Charlie

*We named our band "Sorry Charlie" because my friend and musical cohort Charlie introduced me to his college buds David and Chris with the thought of forming a band and booking a gig when he returned from an exchange program in South Africa.

David, Chris, and I jammed in early January, found a groove and some common musical interests, and decided we'd cook up a band immediately...without Charlie.

Alex and Brian joined up and we booked a gig a couple weeks later.  We're all in graduate programs - so we have a built-in fan base and expect a nice turnout.

We will kindly extend an opportunity for Charlie to audition for the band when he returns.