Custom Choice Cereal

My friend Hajo is launching an online business in Chapel Hill called Custom Choice Cereal.  You can check out an early version of his site here.

Brief description from the site:

Custom Choice Cereal is a venture dedicated to remove the traditional  trade-off between healthy gluten-free cereal and tasty ingredients.  The idea is simple - through an online platform, celiacs and all of you who voluntarily choose a healthier lifestyle and want to go gluten-free will be able to individually assemble your favorite cereal from a variety of exclusively gluten-free ingredients.  Custom Choice Cereal will then deliver your personal mix conveniently to your doorstep.

Think of it like an online version of the bulk bin aisle at the grocery store...with lots of gluten-free options.  You build your mix, check out online, and Hajo & Co. mail delicious cereals directly to your doorstep.

Pretty good idea, if you ask me.