Regarding John Edwards

I was in college from 1998-2002 - years in which the "we love John Edwards, the golden boy rising star of the Democratic party" hype hit a fever pitch.  He was elected to the US Senate in 1998, gave the (memorably bad) commencement address for my graduation in 2002, and more or less put North Carolina back on the national political map with his dashing charm, populist message, and rapid ascent within the Democratic party.

I had three friends from college that grew up in Robbins, NC - the hometown that John Edwards so frequently mentioned in his stump speeches.  At some point during my time as a UNC undergrad, all three of independently stated to me that:

  • John Edwards is a complete scumbag.
  • Everyone in Robbins hates him.
  • They are ashamed to share the same hometown. 

Turns out they were right.