How Start-ups Should Do Conferences

Mark Suster wrote a funny post about the "Conference Ho" CEO - the guy that is flying all over the place to attend conferences.

Suffice to say, I'm not that guy.  I had never attended a proper "conference" as a non-student until this past Spring when Adam and I participated in the Social Media Workshop Room at ChannelAdvisor's Catalyst conference.  

At this stage of the game, my time is better spent doing the dirty work - leading, communicating, dialing for dollars, thinking through product decisions, etc.  Thus - and taking into consideration our size and our marketing/travel budget - Argyle's conference strategy is pretty focused.  We only attend conferences/events in which:

  • We know at least one of our customers/prospects will be there.
  • We don't lose more than one day in the office.
  • We can attend for free.
  • We can get on the stage.

If we can't get on the stage - and we typically push pretty hard to get on the stage - we'll attend if we can get in for free.

Here's a list of the conferences Argyle has attended and will be attending in the near future.