Bill & Ted On Start-Ups

I LOVE Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - one of my favorite childhood movies.  I watched it for the umpteen millionth time this morning at Kelly's parents' house.  (One of the benefits of waking up two hours before everyone else is having unfettered access to the billion channels on the Stowe family television.)

This scene got me thinking:

My partner Adam and I are in the very early stages of something that we think has a chance to be big.  (Ahem!  Argyle - social media marketing software.) 

Much like Bill & Ted, we're really excited and certain of our eventual success.  Unlike Bill & Ted, we're not letting ourselves succomb to two classic start-up temptations:

  • Banking On Someone Else - Even though they seem to be pretty deadset on (and desperately need!) a new "hire" to elevate their performance, there's no way that Wyld Stallyns will get Eddie Van Halen to join the band.  Instead, they need to figure out how to start getting traction in their neighborhood, then on the San Dimas scene, and then on from there.  They're much more likely to recruit an "A" player like Eddie if they can show some momentum and a track record.
  • Hoping For A Big Win - Everyone dreams of a triumphant video and a quick rise to the top.  The reality?  That just doesn't happen.  The vast majority of overnight successes are the culmination of many years of pounding away in anonymity.

For now - the Argyle team is focused on learning to play our instruments and putting together a good set.  Everything else will take care of itself.

Party on, dudes.