I'm a Free Agent

Argyle Social and I recently parted ways.

I've emailed a number of my friends and colleagues about the change, plus it has popped up in the local tech press - so I figure I may as well publicly comment.  

The context of the situation is confidential, but I'll share some personal, non-confidential thoughts at some point in the near future.  

I remain on good terms with the company,  the team, and the investors.  And I remain a sizable Argyle shareholder, so of course I wish the company nothing but continued success!

I'm taking some time off in Nov/Dec to spend time with my son Thomas (read: to give my wife some time off from our son) and to catch up on projects around the house.  I'm currently deciding if I'd rather re-do a bathroom or refinish the upstairs hardwoods.  Or I might just read Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb to Thomas another 3,000 times.

As far as what comes next - I'm not exactly sure and that's fine.  I'm enjoying the time off and doing 2 or 3 meet-ups / calls a day to catch up with colleagues and to learn what's out there.

Send me an email at eric at ericboggs.com if you'd like to have a chat.