Father's Day Buzz Cut

As long as I can remember, my dad Tommy has jokingly fancied himself a barber.

He bought a Wahl clipper set a number of years ago - complete with a hilarious how-to video. Ever since then, he's incessantly begged to cut my hair and my brother's hair. ("You need a haircut boy!")

In a moment of weakness, my mom let my dad cut my brother's hair.  If I recall correctly,  mom had to take Evan to our regular barber to clean up my dad's mess.

Fast forward to a year or two ago - my hair was especially shaggy on Father's Day weekend.


My dad's Father's Day gift? The opportunity to give me a buzz cut. Note how he took the liberty of leaving me with a mullet:

buzz cut

This was easily one of the best gifts I've ever given my father. We laughed like crazy the whole time - mainly because he was so meticulous throughout the process and my brother kept telling him everything he was doing wrong. ("Shut up! I'm a professional!")

I reprised the gift with rousing success this year. Happy Father's Day, Dad.