The shenanigans I just called was for's annual marketing blog Reader's Choice Awards.

Chris Baggott of ExactTarget was the winner in the email marketing category.
You might think I'm crazy, but I'm going to ask anyway:

Am I reading the same Chris Baggott blog as everyone else?

ExactTarget is without question a leader in the email marketing space. They have a great product, lots of good customers, and, as founder of the company, Chris is obviously astute. On the other hand, at least for me, the blog isn't quite up to par.

Case in point - check out the posts that are nothing more than press releases. A pretty weak effort in my opinion.

Or check out this particularly stirring post. (Yes - it is a blank post.)

Also, note that (potentially below-the-belt shot coming...) MarketingSherpa uses ExactTarget to send their email newsletters. I suspect in a trade exchange in which MarketingSherpa helps promote ExactTarget. Nothing wrong with this - just awkward given the circumstances.

That said, the blog boasts plenty of good content and I certainly do not contend its consideration as a top email marketing blog.

However, for the sake of comparison, take the MailChimp blog - which wasn't on the ballot. For me, it is much better - even if it is produced by a low-end provider. It is fresh, practical, and the right blend of high level articles, tactical how-to's, and the obligatory marketing fluff.

The ExactTarget blog just isn't all that - and it certainly does not come with a bag of chips. Call my beef with "victory" what you will - cynicism, sour grapes, boredom, whatever. I call it shenanigans.