A Great Week at Slate.com

The good people at Slate.com have served up some tasty morsels over the past week:

  • Johnny Cash, Cornball. "These days, it's hard to find anyone who isn't a Johnny Cash fan."

    • Amen! (At least to the first line of the article anyway.) As a serious Johnny Cash fan well before "Walk The Line", I can admit that the writer makes some good points about the parts of his career that weren't depicted in the film or reflected in his "American Recordings" series with Rick Rubin. That said, while clips such as this (from an old Colombo episode) are indeed corny, I would stop short of calling the Man In Black a cornball.

  • Search History. "The records of AOL customer 16006693."

    • This one speaks for itself.

  • Once a Boob, Always a Boob?. "George Allen's biggest problem isn't racial insensitivity."

    • I already referenced this one in a previous post. Just wanted to call attention to Jon Stewart/Rob Corddry treatment of the issue. Pretty funny.