Aerosmith Comedy

Folks, I would not interrupt DBT Week if I did not have something important to pass along.

First, read the hilarious comments from my first post about my hatred for Aerosmith.  "Jeff B" is a friend from college who's musical insights I truly appreciate.  "Tony K" is a complete stranger - and evidently a passionate Aerosmith fan.

Next, read this.

My favorite post:

"Is this guy serious?
How can you compare Aerosmith to Gun's?,you can't 2 different styles of music.
Plus to just cut on joey like that was way out of line.I can see that he doesn't have his facts or wits about him in the leaast.
Aerosmith means a lot of things to a lot of people,and if he thinks writing that CRAP is going to change someones point of view he needs to think again.
A lot of people stopping using drugs because of Aerosmith,a lot of people have had a great time going to Aerosmith shows and being in this fan club.
So he needs to get a grip and move on,I hear Axel's looking to complete that 10 year record maybe he could help axel finish it since he is into them anyway? Shocked Rolling Eyes
What a moron!