Aerosmith Still Sucks

So the Aerosmith fun just doesn't stop.

For those of you that just showed up, this is the post that ignited the rock and roll firestorm. (Make sure you check out the comments - my wife left a zinger for Ben Russell.)

Yesterday, someone linked my site on an Aerosmith fan board. (My picture is on the thread. Highest of high comedy.)

Tonight, the discourse jumped up a notch as Pop Culture Gangster actually offered a fairly salient rebuttal to my assertions. Scroll past the set list for Aerosmith/Motley Crue (Ha!) concert for his comments.

Before my loyal readers come to my defense with a barrage of witty comments on his site, I'd like to point out that Mr. Gangster actually agrees with me on a number of points:

  • "I actually think that Aerosmith belongs on rock's "B-list" as well."

  • Referring the the "Trilogy of Suck" - "I think they kinda suck myself."

  • "You gotta love blogging - it gives everyone a chance to voice their opinions."

  • "I'm guessing that this guy is a bit of a 'music Nazi'." (I'm not going to deny this. In fact, I appreciate the compliment.)

That said, a few of his points merit further discussion:

  • He writes - "What is funniest about his post is that he calls his opinions "indisputable facts." Dude! It is called irony! (Yes - the irony is the funny part.)

  • Chris Brown and John Clark, note the artists he includes in his "B List" - Aerosmith, Kiss, Jefferson Airplane, etc. I am so right...

  • With regards to the "Greatest Hits" album issue, you got me. I didn't do my research on that one. So it goes... Props to you for knowing your Dylan and your Stones. Aerosmith notwithstanding, I suspect that our tastes are quite similar.

Lastly, can we steer the dialog back to the Truckers!? This is DBT Week for crying out loud!!! They're RELEVANT (unlike other bands bantered about of late) and they're coming to Durham on Friday.

Oh yeah - Aerosmith still sucks.