Shine A Light

Kelly's asleep and I'm watching "Shine A Light" - the new Rolling Stones concert documentary directed by Martin Scorsese.

I can't believe how well Mick Jagger looks, sounds, and moves.  The guy is an ageless wonder.

I also can't believe how unintentionally hilarious Keith Richards continues to be.  He looks like an undead pirate.  You have to wonder if he actually knows what's going on around him.  He doesn't really "play" the guitar on most of the songs - he just throws out a few stabs and noodles about every now and then.  Yet - when coupled with Ron Wood, et al - Keith's sloppy guitar sounds absolutely awesome.

Also - Keith's "harmony" vocal on "Faraway Eyes" - one of my favorite Stones songs - was so bad that I laughed out...and so did he.  Great shot where Mick seems to shoot him a dirty look after a sour line and Keith just laughs.

Best part of the film has been the clips from old Stones interviews:

Reporter:  "What's the last thing that you do before you play a show in front of 100K people?"

Keith: "I wake up."

Great film.  Amazing set, cool photography, and the best rock back of all time in redongo form.  I highly recommend it.