Canadian Expat Network

I had coffee this morning with my friend Sean to catch up and to learn about his venture, the Canadian Expat Network.

Quite simply, CEN is a free social network and resource portal for Canadian expats living the US.  Users can connect by geography, common interest, etc. to discuss expat issues and build social and business relationships with their countrymen/women.  Plus, Sean does a great job of writing articles and features of interest, such as this piece on the head coach of the Canadian National Baseball team.

I was admittedly surprised to learn that he is well on his way to having 1K registered users by the end of the year and has already booked some strong Canadian brands as sponsors, including Air Canada, the Ottawa Senators, and the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Considering the niche-ification of online networks and, more importantly, his passion for all things Canada, I think that Sean has a great chance to build a significant site.