Who Is John Galt?

I have a deeply held belief that the primary reason that most people go to the ballet is so that they can say that they went to the ballet.

Until recently, I thought the same thing about reading "Atlas Shrugged" - a beast of a book that is admittedly good, important, etc. - but amazingly redundant and philosophically somewhat glib.  Lots of people read the book and then like to talk about how they've read the book, blah blah blah...in which case I usually roll my eyes and admit that I have read it too.

(Yes - I recognize the irony of a post about how I read "Atlas Shrugged".)

Turns out, the book was an eerie harbinger of the mismanagement, bailouts, intervention, etc. we've seen over the past month.  The Wall Street Journal paints a scary portrait.

FYI - John Galt is the mysterious hero from "Atlas Shrugged"...which I read, by the way.