2008's Greatest Hits

Last year, I posted the songs that made up the soundtrack for my 2007.  Here is my soundtrack for 2008.

3 Dimes Down - Drive-by Truckers

My favorite track from the latest DBT album, Brighter Than Creation's Dark.  The sloppy guitars and slick vocal phrasing really do it for me.  Plus, the lyrics are pure genius - "Totally screwed while the chicken wing puke eats the candy apple red off his Corvette".

I look forward to seeing the Truckers blow out Asheville in a couple weeks.

Shame - The Avett Brothers

I had never listened to the Avett's before I saw them at Memorial Hall this Fall.  The show was amazing and I haven't stopped listening to them since.

Minglewood Blues - Old Crow Medicine Show

An old song that OCMS does up just fine.  Really wish I could blow a harmonica like this.

Death Goes To The Winner - Harvey Milk
Start Your Digging - Big Business

I listened to these records a lot while working this Fall.  Aggressive music often helps me concentrate - can't really explain it...

I would be remiss if I did not mention that my friend Ben turned me on to these bands and, as per usual, he nailed it.  Hopefully he'll leave his own equally smug Top 10 list as a comment, just like last year.  I'm sure that the new records from Shellac and AstroVan PickUp left a lasting impact on him...

Lords - The Sword
Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians - The Sword

Sweet Jesus - The Sword's new record "Gods of the Earth" is sooo good.  Couldn't believe how tight they were live.

Mutha'uckas - Flight of the Conchords

The Conchords are brilliant.  I sang the chorus of this song endlessly for at least a month this summer.  Just ask my wife.

Bulldozers and Dirt - Drive-by Truckers

I include this one not only because it is one of my favorite songs to pick and sing at home, but also because my friend Charlie and I wrote up some great spoof lyrics for the song and performed it - along with many others - for a packed house (of our classmates) at The Local 506.

Womanizer - Britney Spears

I actually hate this song.  But, because Kelly loves it and because she drives me to school every day and because we have a rule stipulating that the driver gets to pick the music, I've heard it just about every day for the past month or two.  Thus, it makes the list.

Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Guns 'N Roses

This one is on the list for a few reasons:

- I distinctly remember Roberta playing this on the jukebox on an exceptionally fun night at Bub O'Malley's.
- Axl finally released Chinese Democracy this year.
- Evan and I have a halfway completed, halfway ridiculous recording of this song from the Fall that we'll probably finish at some point.

Everything I Do - Whiskeytown

I couldn't get this one out of my head last week, so it is a fitting closer.

Happy 2009.