Sarah Palin Book Signing Video

My friend Tom retweeted this video from Digg.  (That was a nerdy sentence, by the way.) 

Basically, a guy with a camera and a guy with a microphone interviewed people waiting in line outside of a Columbus, OH bookstore for a Sarah Palin book signing.  Enjoy.

A few thoughts:

1.)  My first reaction was laughter.  Regardless of your politics - some of this stuff is hilarious.

2.)  This video is unfair.  I'm sure that a Barack Obama book signing would have attracted a similar set of polictical savants.  There are just as many stupid, uninformed Democrats as there are stupid, uninformed Republicans.  I would LOVE to have a nickle for every person that voted for Barack Obama without so much as an inkling of his policy positions.

3.)  When you think about it - this video is really just sad.  I guess people have a right to be ignorant.  Just a shame that they'd rather exercise their right to ignorance over their right to be informed, participate, etc.

4.)  Daily Show fodder notwithstanding, I'm ready for Sarah Palin to go away.