2010's Greatest Hits

Here are my favorite tunes from 2010.  And here is the obligatory tip of the hat to Chaz Felix for introducing me to the "greatest hits" format many years ago.

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Acheron / Unearthing the Orb - The Sword
The Sword's "Warp Riders" was my favorite record from 2010.  This is the first track - a blistering instrumental that I jammed a lot while running and working.  And sometimes jammed just for the purposes of scowling in acknowledgment of The Sword's brutal precision.

Older - Band of Horses
A heart-felt country shuffle.  Great lyrics.  Kelly and I listened to this one a lot driving back and forth to Hatteras.

Love Gun - KISS
I used to love mocking KISS and fans of their music.  And then I finally considered the fact that millions of fans can't be wrong, so I downloaded the "Kiss" and "Love Gun" records.  And then I converted.  So over the top and sexual - what's not to love?

Bad Wolf Good Wolf - Caltrop
These guys are based in Chapel Hill.  Excellent stoner metal.  Oft-played while working at Argyle HQ.

Warriors of Time - Black Tide
Love this band - very much a GNR feel to their music.  The "Warriors of Time" video is epic - a cartoon viking, skater punk, and cowboy fight a flying robot horde.  The full version of the song includes a beautiful acoustic intro that I used to soundtrack a 30th birthday video roast I made for my friend Ben.

Alejandro - Lady Gaga
'Tis true - I LOVE Lady Gaga.  Kelly and I saw her performance at the RBC Center in Raleigh earlier this year - we were 5 people back, right in front of the stage and we screamed/danced all night.  Glorious.

Doublecrossed - Valient Thorr
I was sadly underwhelmed by "Stranger" - Valient Thorr's new record this year.  But this song is EPIC and the video is hilarious.  It harkens back to the classic music videos by the Beastie Boys and other late 80s rap acts...except that these dudes are metal all the way.  VT is a seriously hardworking band...and they're nice guys, too.  Still one of my faves.

Ce Jeu - Yelle
Addictive French bubblegum pop.  And a delightfully weird video.

Lobby Party - Ozomatli
Without a doubt, the best concert I saw this year was Ozomatli at UNC's Memorial Hall.  I danced - mostly by myself - for two hours straight.  And the performance ended with a redongo dance party in the lobby.  If you watch very closely, you can see me dancing.  :) 

Daddy Was An Old-Time Preacher Man - Dolly Parton & Porter Waggoner
I've loved country music since I was a little boy and the beautiful harmonies have always been a big part of the appeal.  Some of my favorite country vocals are 70s era man/womon duets like this one from Dolly and Porter.  Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitter are another great pair.