Why Does the Start-Up Community Hate MBAs?

Every couple weeks, a thread pops up on Hacker News about start-ups and MBAs.  And the (very hacker/nerd-centric) discourse on the site usually devolves into "MBAs suck" and "MBAs are terrible early employees".

I put forth my $.02 on Quora a couple months ago:

Why Does the Start-Up Community Hate MBAs?

My hunch is that most of the "hatred" stems from something someone heard from someone else.  And it is probably just misunderstanding more than anything.

Speaking from experience - most MBAs are very much NOT start-up people, which is fine.  Most people in general aren't start-up people, so I don't necessarily think it is fair to single out MBA grads.

That said, I think part of the issue is that the typical MBA grad from a top 20-type program can easily earn $100k+ immediately after graduation and - if they have chops - a helluva lot more after that.  And they can do so without actually "creating" much "value".  Most MBA grads enter their respective programs with a well-above-average level of intelligence/experience, get the degree, and get churned through a two-year consulting/banking/marketing rotation - which is difficult, challenging, etc...but also a VERY well worn path.

Contrast this path with the start-up ethic - creating value by pulling off incredibly difficult things that have never been done before...in hopes of eventually creating value for the founders, shareholders, etc. 

Therein lies the rub.