How To Introduce Someone When You Can't Remember Their Name

I had a Seinfeldian conversation with a couple colleagues today about the awkward social exchanges that ensue when you can't remember someone's name, especially when you're introducing a friend or significant other at a party. 

We settled on two possible solutions to defuse the awkwardness and avoid the shame of admitting that you can't remember someone's name: 

Your Last Name Method

When introducing Person A to Person B -- and you can't remember Person B's name -- you can simply ask them for their name. 

You:  "Person A, meet my friend...I'm sorry, remind me of your name again?"
Person B:  "John."
You:  "No, sorry, your last name."

This is by far the weaker of the two approaches insofar as you practically admit that you can't remember the person's name.

This is Person A Method:

My go-to move is introducing Person A and Person B as follows: 

You:  "Oh hey there -- it is great to see you!  Allow me to introduce my friend Person A."
Person B:  "Pleased to meet name is John Smith." 

Simply force Person B to state their own name as a part of the interaction.  It is foolproof! 

So there you go.